Portrait & Mini Session Prep

Tips to prepare for your session

it's portrait time!

I hope you are super excited about your portrait session, I know I am! But maybe you are also feeling a little overwhelmed or worried. "What will we wear?" "What if my kids don't behave?" These are totally normal thoughts and concerns, but try not to stress, portraiture can be a very joyful experience when you have a good plan, and believe me, I do! Check out all my best tips below that will help you plan ahead and make your day of experience amazing! As far as the kiddos go, I have a very “go with the flow” style and I realize that we can’t always get our kids to do exactly what we want, when we want, right??!! So it’s all about patience, the right motivation, and adding in some movement, and silliness too! I look forward to spending time with you and your family and capturing beautiful memories!

Scheduling your session

My weekend session availability is limited due to my wedding and mini session photography schedule. Portrait session are available Monday-Thursday. Mini Sessions are on a first come, first serve basis, and I do have a wait list. If Mini Sessions fill-up, please email me to let me know you would like to be added to the wait list.

When scheduling your session, let's try to work around nap. We certainly don't want to mess with that, it is sacred! Happy faces need their rest!

preparing for your session

This is the most frequent question I get asked, and let's face it, it is important, but shouldn't be too stressful! Well, I say that, but I currently have a child in a phase...he only likes athletic pants and everything he wears must have an animal on it! I mean where else is he supposed to get his "powers" from if there isn't an an animal on his shirt??!!! Seriously, though, I am hear to help! Please check out my Styling Guide for all my best tips!

Other than you smiling faces, I suggest bringing a few things to help your family feel comfortable and happy. If it's warm, I reccomend bringing a water bottle, I mean a sip of water "solves" so many aliments for kids, right??!! If it's chilly, and you don't plan to wear jackets in your portraits, I suggest bringing them so you can warm up in between sets. Even a big, cozy blanket to wrap around the kiddos, is quick and easy solution for a fast warm-up! Feel free to bringing your child's favorite toy or anything that will grab their attention and or make them feel comfortable. Don't worry, I get creative to get it out of the shot and keep everyone happy! Feel free to have their favorite songs ready to go on a playlist, you might not want to hear me sing! Finally, I will have some treats on hand, if you think you child will do well with small motivation along the way, but feel free to bring your own! I will provide any necessary props (blankets, stools, etc.).

I will email you an invoice a day or so before your session. Please pay online prior to your session, or you may pay via cash or check (made payable to Amelia B. Photography) at the time of your session.

The day of your session

If you have booked a Mini Session, I have other sessions booked before and after your session. Please arrive about 5-10 minutes early, and give your family a quick once over, LOL! Nothing is worse than realizing your little one has crusted food on their face and green marker on all over their hands as we start your portraits. Please remove athletic watches and hair bands from your wrist. Please remove all items from your pockets (keys, wallets, phone, etc.), we certainly don’t want any extra bumps! You might want to bring a small bag to put your essential items in. Finally, enjoy this experience! I know it is stressful to plan the outfits and get everyone out the door looking good and feeling happy, but if you allow a little extra time you will likely feel more relaxed and excited heading into your session. 
I will have individually packaged fruit snacks/ lollipops as motivation for the little ones. Please just let me know if you prefer your child not have any treats or if you have brought your own motivation:)

My phone number is 804-248-2567, please call or text if you are unable to find me at the portrait location. If this is a Mini Session, my assistant, Kendall, will have my phone, so she will be corresponding with you the day of your session should you call or text.

following your session

Within 24 hours of your session you will see a sneak peek of your session on Instagram and Facebook (with your permission, of course).

Your full gallery of proofs will be delivered within 7-10 days (sometimes sooner) of your session. You will receive a link to your private online gallery via email and will have the opportunity to choose your favorites and select your images for printing. I will also provide a sharable link, so go ahead and share the joy!